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Tray plants of Van den Bighelaar

Van den Bighelaar Trayplanten is specialized in growing strawberries, strawberry cuttings and strawberry trayplants. This happens both indoors, in one of the 10,000m2 greenhouses, as well as outdoors where we have over 40,000m2 of ground. Here the production from cuttings to tray plant takes place. The strawberries are grown in the greenhouses and the tray plants outside. Currently we grow 1.500.000 trayplants per year. These strawberry tray plants are often sold to farmers. Van den Bighelaar grows mainly the variety Elsanta as a continuous culture. At the end of this year we want to heat our greenhouses completely by generating our own electricity through biomass and solar panels. At Van den Bighelaar we care about the environment and our goal is to produce in a fully sustainable way.


Van den Bighelaar grows 1 hectare of strawberries in the greenhouses for onward cultivation. We grow the variety Elsanta. We plant the strawberries in mid-August so that we can harvest them from the end of September until the beginning of January. After a rest period of about 4 weeks the greenhouse is heated again. Then all the old leaves are removed so that the strawberries can bloom again. In early March they bloom again so that by early April to mid-June can be harvested. After the harvest, all plants are removed and the greenhouse is cleaned and disinfected all over again, after which the entire process begins again.

Tray plants

Van den Bighelaar grows about 4 hectares strawberry tray plants. These plants are pruned mid-June in trays, after which they are packed in boxes from the end of November to mid-December and then they go into the freezer and are kept until August, when they can be planted again. We grow strawberry plants of the variety Elsanta which is meant for the further cultivation.

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